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The success of a fresh food program depends greatly upon the product. At Savory Concepts we produce our menu offerings in our own commissary. We use local suppliers allowing us to offer the freshest ingredients when preparing our fresh food. An important part in operating our commissary is that it gives us the advantage to select the finest meats, produce and breads offered to the food industry.

In preparing our food we use distinct packaging, specific procedures and assembling techniques which enhance freshness, increasing customer acceptance and sales.

Savory Concepts challenges its suppliers on a regular basis to introduce to us new products which will enable us to continue to give our clients extensive variety. The creation of a successful menu requires an understanding of the current trends and lifestyles. We are constantly researching the most popular food choices in selected categories in deciding our menu offerings.

We also provide our clients with a wide selection of health and wellness items to choose from our menu mix which is very important for companies to have available for their associates.  It’s our mission to continue to provide our clients with a unique and quality food program.

Deli Meats

We use the Thin & Trim Line of the lowest sodium Deli line in America


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Culinary Center

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