Micro Markets

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Micro Markets

Traditional vending is a suitable food and beverage solution for many companies.  For others that qualify, we would like to suggest something completely different, a micro market, like a convenience store that will enhance and give your associates a welcoming ambience and a great eating experiencing for their breaks.

  • Inviting, “open” market environment.
  • The ability to touch and hold products displayed on open shelves before buying and to read the labels for nutritional information and freshness dates.
  • Improved productivity by keeping workers on-site for meals and snacks 24/7.
  • Ideal for building a health and  wellness program with a wide variety of healthy, low fat food including fresh fruit, yogurts, soups, and fresh salads.
  • Hundreds of food and drink choices can be customized to your workplace needs and associate requests.
  • Easy and quick payments are  automatically deducted with a  market kiosk which scans credit, debit or market cards.
  • Private accounts allow associates to add money to their market cards online and earn rewards for  purchases.
  • Open markets are kept secure with 24 hour a day unobtrusive security cameras and monitoring.
  • Energy Star equipment includes energy efficient coolers and freezers contributing to a greener workplace.
  • Entire system, including back-end processing, has highest level of PCI- compliance.
  • Eliminate the hassle of broken vending machines, “hung” products, lost money and refunds.

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Micro Markets

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