Leadership & Staff

  • Peter Graziano
    Peter Graziano President

    “I would like to thank each client for allowing Savory Concepts to provide food and beverage to their associates. At Savory Concepts, we value learning. We know that excellence is never achieved, just pursued. We will always strive to continue to provide our customers with a unique product in an industry with its special application. Our goal is that each customer would enjoy our product, services and interaction with our people.”

  • Michele Graziano
    Michele Graziano Administrative Vice President

    Michele Graziano, a Principle of the company, oversees the daily operations of our commissary which include menu design, the research and development of our products, purchasing, quality control, packaging, presentation, sanitation, and managing our commissary staff ensuring that they meet the strict standards that are expected.

  • Andre Pare
    Andre Pare Operations Manager

    Andre Pare, our Operations Manager, has been in operations in the vending and food service business for over 24 years. He oversees the maintenance department, route service personnel, and our standards and procedures. The route drivers are well trained in machine loading and cleanliness. A comprehensive training program is given to all new drivers. The route supervisors work with all the route drivers on an ongoing basis. We view training as the vehicle to having competent employees who can achieve the goal of our “cleaned, filled and working” vending & micro market programs.

  • Garland Gifford Donadio  “GG”
    Garland Gifford Donadio “GG” Route Supervisor

    Garland Gifford Donadio “GG”, our route supervisor, started his career in the vending industry with ServiceAmerica where he was hired as a route driver, in the 1980’s.  “GG”, joined Savory Concepts family in the late 80’s as a route driver.  He was promoted to route supervisor , where he is directly responsible for all route drivers. With over 30 years’ experience as a supervisor,  his duties are to train new personnel according to company standards, to oversee the daily activities of the drivers and to inspect locations and markets to insure they are kept to company standards.  ‘GG” is also involved in micro-market inventories, he has run routes, been involved in catering, machine installations, machine swaps, micro-market installs, machine maintenance and route scheduling .  “GG” interacts with clients to make sure they are happy with cleaned, filled and working vending machines & micro-markets.

  • Marco Rodriguez
    Marco Rodriguez Service Maintenance & Fleet Manager

    Marco Rodriguez, our Service Maintenance & Fleet Manager, started his vending career in 1995 in the Bronx, NY as a route driver with one of the largest privately owned companies in NY state. He joined the Savory Concepts family in 2003.  He has over 25 years of experience as a driver, a trainer, a jumper, a route supervisor and repairing of vending machines.  Marco, has the experience and knowledge in our service maintenance & fleet dept. with vending machines & micro-market installs, vending machine repairs and equipment moves and upgrades.  He is responsible for overseeing our service technicians on making sure all vending & micro-market service calls are addressed within a timely manner.  He also manages the fleet dept, on making sure our mechanic is equipped and ready to work on any of our delivery trucks at a moment’s notice.  Any truck being down for a period of time would affect our drivers servicing of our clients.  Marco, interacts with clients to ensure they are happy with cleaned, working vending machines & micro-markets and making sure the dept. is upholding the standards and procedures of our company values.

  • Rosina Cavallo
    Rosina Cavallo Marketing & Business Development Manager

    Rosina Cavallo, our Marketing & Business Development Manager, has over 27 years’ experience in developing new business from having worked in outside/inside sales, customer service, and the marketing field.  Rosina’s role at Savory Concepts is to create new business opportunities stretching from all of CT up to Western MA.  Her goal is to ensure client’s needs are always satisfied and products & services are continually improving.  Building relationships with potential clients she is pursuing and maintaining relationships with our current clients improves Savory Concepts’ market position.  Rosina also conducts market research and maintains the company’s website and social media. 

  • Paul Pierson
    Paul Pierson Product Development Director

    Paul Pierson , our Product Development Director, has been with Savory Concepts for a total of 6 years, his position consists of creating new menu items, developing new recipes, food costing, and purchasing.  He is a graduate of the University of New Haven with a degree in Food Service Management.  Paul has over 40 years’ experience in the food industry.  His experience includes but is not limited to Assistant Chef at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, CT and General Manager at Tony’s International Greek Dinner Club in New Haven. Paul has also been an entrepreneur, owning a catering company and owned his own restaurant, Paul Gregory’s Bistro in Southington, CT. 

  • Nicole Jalbert
    Nicole Jalbert Culinary Center Manager

    Nicole Jalbert, our Culinary Center Manager, has been with Savory Concepts for over three years.  She started as a line production worker in our Culinary Center, with her hard work and quick attention to detail she worked her way to the lead production position very quickly. While working in these positions, Nicole is now well versed in supervising the production staff, purchasing and overseeing our sanitation & safety program.  She is also responsible for the special procedures & assembling techniques that we use to maintain freshness and quality which are strictly followed to the highest degree in our Culinary Center.

  • Sally Ann Pauloz
    Sally Ann Pauloz Accountant

    Sally Ann Pauloz, our Accountant, has been with Savory Concepts for almost 9 years.  She has been working in the accounting field for over 15 years in public and private accounting while raising her family.  Sally manages all of the accounting functions for the company and supports the office team with other administrative and processing functions.

  • Lauren Basler
    Lauren Basler Systems Administrator

    Lauren Basler, our Systems Administrator, has been working in the vending industry for over 10 years and brings with her a strong set of computer skills.  She has a thirst for learning, especially when computers are involved and was a front runner on building our company’s vending database when the system was first implemented.  Lauren handles the day-to-day upkeep of vending machine tracking information, schedules, and planograms.  She is also, one of the main contacts for Micro-Market customer inquiries.   She also assists customers, updating product inventory, and handling the product orders are just a few of the tasks that Lauren handles on a daily basis.  She makes sure that all of the new market customers information is entered into our system, so when a micro-market is installed and opening, everything can run smoothly.  Whether you are a co-worker or a manager, Lauren is the go to person with any questions about our systems.   

  • Moses Graziano
    Moses Graziano Executive Mascot Director

    Moses Graziano, our Executive Mascot Director, came to us at an early age of 4 months old and has been a blessing ever since. He is a 5 years young Boston Terrier.  Boston Terriers are nicknamed “THE AMERICAN GENTLEMAN”  and that he is.  Moses has an abundant background in human relations in which he displays love and happiness to all who come in contact with him.   Savory Concepts staff would be lost without having him in our office on a daily basis.  Moses is a great asset to our company.

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Leadership & Staff

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